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Why Xero is Great for Start-ups and New Businesses

Xero Cloud-Accounting for Startups and New Business

Xero cloud-accounting software is the platform we recommend to all our startup and new business clients at McEvoy Lelievre & Associates. It’s not only easy to use but also can help your business run smarter.

Xero unlocks the power of automation and integrates seamlessly with many other business-focused apps. Xero is the core of any great App stack for a new business. For example, you can set up new users, send quotes, send invoices, and connect with payment processors, like Stripe.com, to collect payments from your customers. You can also manage inventory and connect to Veem.com to pay bills and send other transfers.

When you hire your first employees, add Wagepoint.com to help manage payroll and Human Resources. You can also grant access to users like your front-line staff, bookkeeper and accountant to your Xero account at your discretion.

The Xero Marketplace has hundreds more apps which can help you run your business. These apps seamlessly integrate with Xero to help you manage your customers and the rest of your operations.

Scalability is the word here. In a fast-changing dynamic growing enterprise, you want to be able to keep expanding and that requires software that can grow with you. This way you don’t have to re-invest valuable time and money in changing systems that have already been put in place and are working well.

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