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Embrace the Future with Leap ACT. Offering comprehensive accounting, consulting, and tax services for businesses and individuals, both in Niagara and nationwide. Your next big leap starts here.

Based in the Niagara Region
– Serving all of Canada.

Leap ACT (formerly McEvoy, Lelievre & Associates), located in the heart of Niagara, offers full scope business bookkeeping – including cloud-based virtual services. Our in-house Chartered Accountant, Kristopher McEvoy, also offers comprehensive accounting, along with US and Canadian Tax services for both personal and business clients.

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You’ll get it ‘straight’ from us… and you’ll understand it all.

Even for those who are experienced, financial matters can be complicated. And, we know that most of our clients would rather be running their businesses or living their lives than worrying about their finances.

We believe, therefore, that it’s in your best interest, and ours, to do things differently. When we meet about your bookkeeping needs, we talk English. Plain English. So, you understand what we are saying and so we can help you more effectively.

The greatest compliment we receive is when our customers say, “That finally makes sense to me. I understand.”

Team Work

Our team is always watching your back.

We are proud of our team of experts and of the relationship they build with our customers.

When you work with Leap ACT, we will assign one or two primary contacts for all your work with us. Because you have your own ‘point person’, you will never have the experience of having to explain your needs to someone who is not familiar with your account.

Our goal is to build a stable, rewarding, long-term relationship with each of our clients. That only happens, though, when everyone trusts and feels confident.

Phone Call

Call us before Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) calls you.

Too often, we hear people say that they can’t seem to get their bookkeeping done properly or on time. And that puts them in a risk position.

Our promise is to help you avoid any unnecessary issues with CRA.

We're Here For You

We’re where you need us.

Although our main office is located in Niagara, we can also travel to your place of business, whether it’s on a farm, in your office, or at a coffee shop. We know it’s important for us to meet where you are most comfortable.

Or, you can work with us through our Virtual Bookkeeping Services.

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